“A meta-model for modular composition of tailored human digital twins in production”E. Montini, A. Bettoni, M. Ciavotta, E. Carpanzano, P. PedrazzoliDownload
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“An AI adoption model for SMEs: a conceptual framework”A. Bettoni, D. Matteri, E. Montini, B. Gladysz, E. CarpanzanoDownload
“A decision-making framework for dynamic scheduling of cyber-physical production systems based on digital twins”A. Villalonga, E. Negri, G. Biscardo, F. Castaño, R. E. Haber, L. Fumagalli, M. MacchiDownload
“Towards Sustainability of Manufacturing Processes by Multiobjective Optimization: A Case Study on a Submerged Arc Welding Process”D. Rivas, R. Quiza, M. Rivas, R. E. HaberDownload
“KITT4SME report 2021: Artificial Intelligence adoption in European Small Medium Enterprises”A. Bettoni, D. Corti, D. Matteri, E. Montini, M. Fiorello, S. Masiero, Z. M. Barut, S. Gretenkord, B. Gladysz, K. EjsmontDownload
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