Open Calls


KITT4SME is an EU-funded project which provides the IT-infrastructure and core AI-based software modules to support the production by SMEs and mid-caps from the manufacturing world. The project will launch two rounds of Open Calls, namely Type-A and Type-B:

  • Type-A: invites solution providers, that is SMEs and mid-caps which develop AI-based software solutions with a value for the manufacturing industry  (launched in July 2021)
  • Type-B: invites small teams of solution providers and end-users to conduct pilot experiments (launched in 2022)



  • Submission period:

          From:                                  July 01 | 2021                                        00:00 CEST

          To:                                       September 15 | 2021                            17:00 CEST

  • Funding:

          Up-to:                                 100,000                                      (as a total of funds received by EU for a single entity)

  • Scope (see Guide for Applicants for more info):

          Software applications which employ Machine Learning methods (or AI) to deliver added value to SME manufacturing companies.

  • Eligibility:

          Single entities (one company can apply)

          Legal entities (SMEs & Mid-caps)

          Established in: EU-Member States, UK, H2020 Associated Countries (H2020 eligible countries)

  • Total number of funded projects:

          between:                                          10-20                                                (up to 1,0 M in total)

  • Project Duration:

Project start-date:     Mar. 01| 2022     (common date for all projects)

Project end-date:       Dec. 31| 2023     (projects may finish earlier if milestones have been reached)

What you get out of it:

  • Get exposure through the project’s testing and dissemination activities or through RAMP (if they choose to keep their solution in RAMP)
  • Gain technical support on interfacing their solutions with FIWARE based platforms and introduce their solution to the KIT4SME architecture and ecosystem
  • Make use of RAMP’s matchmaking functionality (end-users search for solutions that are available to them through the marketplace via ‘smart search’)
  • Get access to pilot experiments and validate their solutions with real data. This is expected to help solution providers to obtain demonstrable success stories from real manufacturing environments and thus enrich their marketing activities. Gain visibility in the RAMP and the wider I4MS ecosystem
  • Gain funding for the integration to the platform and the validation of their AI component

Why we do it:

  • Validate the ability of the KITT4SME platform to scale-up and increase the number of the solutions offered to the (SME) manufacturing community
  • Validate the business objective of the project to create a link between (technical) solution providers and (manufacturing) end-users
  • Increase the number of ‘industry-ready’ AI solutions that provide real benefits in the manufacturing shopfloor solving existing challenges, offered via the Marketplace (for the solution providers that opt to keep their solutions in RAMP)
  • Test and validate the ability of the Marketplace to host new solutions (even beyond the duration of the project) in an ‘easy to integrate’ fashion


A more detailed description of the scope and the objectives of the First Open Call is given in the Guide for Applicants

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