D1.1 Stakeholder analysisReportPublicWP1Download
D1.2 AI requirementsReportPublicWP1Download
D1.3 Pilots designReportPublicWP1Download
D1.4 Validation methodologyReportPublicWP1Download
D1.5 Generalised requirements and business processesReportPublicWP1Download
D1.6 Security and privacy: issues and guidelinesReportPublicWP1Download
D2.1 KITT4SME reference architectureReportPublicWP2Download
D2.2 Data modelsReportPublicWP2Download
D2.3 Data persistencyOtherPublicWP2Download
D2.4 Identity management, secure data exchange solutionsOtherPublicWP2Download
D2.5 Powered By FIWARE Middleware for AIOtherPublicWP2Download
D2.6 Integrated platform: deployment for open callsOtherPublicWP2Download
D2.7 Integrated platform: deployment for pilotsOtherPublicWP2
D2.8 Platform reportReportPublicWP2
D3.2 Digital datasheet for modules characterizationOtherPublicWP3
D3.3 RAMP Marketplace first releaseOtherPublicWP3Download
D3.4 RAMP Marketplace intermediate releaseOtherPublicWP3
D3.5 RAMP Marketplace final releaseOtherPublicWP3
D3.6 Digital Platform Adoption MethodologyReportPublicWP3
D3.7 Deployment of selected configurationOtherPublicWP3
D4.1 Digital shop floor data model and data structuresReportPublicWP4Download
D5.1 Technology trend analysisReportPublicWP5Download
D6.1 Demonstration pilot methodologyReportPublicWP6
D6.6 Improvements and implementation of new featuresReportPublicWP6
D7.1 Open call infrastructureOtherPublicWP7Download
D7.2 Open call documentation first round releaseReportPublicWP7Download
D7.3 Open call documentation second round releaseReportPublicWP7
D7.4 Open call statistics infographic first round releaseReportPublicWP7Download
D7.5 Open call statistics infographic second round releaseReportPublicWP7
D7.6 Evaluation report first round releaseReportPublicWP7
D7.7 Evaluation report second round releaseReportPublicWP7
D7.10 Open call outcomes and lessons learnt first round releaseReportPublicWP7
D7.11 Open call outcomes and lessons learnt second round releaseReportPublicWP7
D8.1 DIHs-centred ecosystem building strategyReportPublicWP8Download
D8.2 Programme for early adoptersReportPublicWP8
D8.3 Leveraging the network effectReportPublicWP8
D8.4 Ecosystem Management BodyReportPublicWP8
D8.5 Lighthouse demonstrators for SMEsDemonstratorPublicWP8
D8.6 Assessment of the ecosystem building process resultsReportPublicWP8
D8.7 Collaboration plan with other I4MS projects and DIHsReportPublicWP8Download
D9.1 Communication and dissemination strategy and planReportPublicWP9Download
D9.3 Standardisation activities roadmapReportPublicWP9
D9.4 Mid-term communication and dissemination reportReportPublicWP9
D9.5 Final communication and dissemination reportReportPublicWP9
D9.10 Standardisation activities resultsReportPublicWP9
D10.1 Project Handbook and Quality Assurance PlanReportPublicWP10Download
D10.3 Data management planORDPPublicWP10Download
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