Are you a Technology Provider?

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If you are a technology provider, KITT4SME opens new business opportunities in relation to the platform and marketplace and also the opportunity to test and assess the AI-based solutions for smart manufacturing.

KITT4SME is fostering the creation of new collaborations with customers, solution providers and integrators as unique selling channel. Please, check regularly the awarded projects in the first and second open calls of KITT4SME to identify some opportunities.

KITT4SME also offer the possibility of exploiting the results by the clear characterisation and market readiness of the individual developed components as well as by the platform grounding on the already established RAMP Marketplace. Seamless and tailored adoption by technology providers to their port-folio of the customised kits is made possible by a FIWARE-compatible infrastructure that flawlessly combine Factory systems (such as MES and ERP), IoT sensors and wearable devices, robots, collaborative robots and other Factory data sources with functional modules capable to trigger data-driven value creation.

Technology providers can also benefit from complementing their solutions with KITT4SME technologies that are fitting to their needs and, even when exposed to them, have to bear significant financial risks to embrace them while lacking the competences for a first-right selection.