Survey on Collaborative Robotics

Are you an SME in manufacturing, a system integrator or a researcher working or interested in collaborative robotics? We would like to know your opinions about this technology. Participate in the survey and receive an overview of the results and a set of guidelines to adopt collaborative robotics.

Collaborative robotics

On the contrary to conventional automation and robotics, in which the robots are fully automated, collaborative robotics aims at increasing the degree of human participation. Typical examples are in assembly applications, where robot tasks may be hardly affordable if completely automated, but become profitable if some actions are performed by workers, thanks to their flexibility and the supplementation of automation gaps with human capabilities and skills.

The survey

KITT4SME, in collaboration with the TRINITY-BRILLIANT project have realized a survey targeting manufacturing end-users, system integrators, and researchers on collaborative robotics to have a deep insight on this subject. The survey investigates several aspects, including:

  • Which are the main collaborative robotics applications currently realized in the industry?
  • Are these applications collaborative?
  • How is collaborative robotics perceived, and which are the main challenges and barriers in adopting it?
  • Which are the main research topics for the next years from the researchers’ perspective?

This activity, led by SUPSI-SPS Lab, follows what have been realised in the 2021, with the KITT4SME report on AI adoption, that was really appreciated by participants and by the community.

What is in there for you?

Participating to the survey, you may have the chance to receive a report including the main results and outcomes, together with some guidelines to adopt collaborative robotics.

Participate in!

We are looking to end-users owning or willing to have a collaborative robot, system integrators and researchers on collaborative robotics. Participating to the survey you will have the chance to receive the results and guidelines on collaborative robotics adoption. It takes less than 10 minutes!

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